A Journey to the Spiritual Lands of India

November 15, 2016

A Journey to the Spiritual Lands of India

India is truly said to be the land of diversity. The country is an abode for different cultures, religions, traditions, ethnic values and customs, having many places of attractions from the beautiful locations, with perfect frames for photography and intriguing history, to those that sing tales of adventure, festivals, cultures, traditions, rituals, and sometimes just the peace. This mystical motherland with deep rooted traditions and cultures is blessed with numerous holy shrines and temples, the existence of which beckons the traveler to visit a country that is tolerant, spiritual and most of all diverse yet united. It is truly said:

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”David Mitchel.

Sometimes we need to travel, explore and understand ourselves deeply to live the journey from the physical to the spiritual world, where the hearts are filled with divine holiness and spirituality. It’s then we actually get to meet our own soul and understand the true meaning of life and our own presence in this world.

HotelBids is taking you to the tour through a slight sneak peak into these popular and sacred destinations of various faiths, which greatly helps to maximize the spiritual experience, being in the country which has so much to offer in terms of divinity, belief, diversity and beauty at the same time. hotels in Agra promises to provide you with the best of experience in terms of your stay at the hotels at any place you decide to visit for a unique spiritual tour, exactly at the price you choose to pay!

Sharing with you the 7 famous holy destinations which calls for a must visit at least once, being in India!

1).VAISHNO DEVI TEMPLE, Jammu & Kashmir


Located in Trikuta hills, 13 Kms from Katra at a height of 1560 m above sea level, with shimmering clouds and thinning air, this town is the holy cave temple of Mata Vaishnodevi, with spirituality and vibrancy lingering in the atmosphere. This temple is among one of the 108 Shakti Peethas and is highly revered and believed in. The experience of visiting this place is an indescribable delight in taking an arduous trek that further leads to the caves where the goddess presides over and bestows countless blessings. Beautiful landscape, pervading divinity and thrilling adventure, this is one journey in India that will remain etched in your memories forever.

2). GOLDEN TEMPLE, Amritsar


hotels in Agra, which is renowned as Harmindar Saheb or Sri Durbar Saheb is the popular holy shrine of the Sikhs, located in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Built by the fourth Sikh Guru, Ramdass Sahib Ji, Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib is the most important Sikh pilgrimage site to visit in the country. The unparalleled reflection of the pious golden edifice on the divine nectar (lake) and the horde of pilgrims seen on the shrine complex, urge one to visit this popular religious place. This exquisite and vital Sikh shrine magnetizes more visitors than the Taj Mahal, with more than 100,000 tourists per day. This is the favorite tourist spot for NRI’s (Non-resident Indians) too. A holy bath at Amritsar is believed to purify the soul of the devotees. This place looks particularly arresting at night when it’s beautifully lit up, with its imposing pure gold dome illuminated and is a treat for the heart, mind and soul.



A fine example of secularism, Ajmer is a famous religious place in India visited by Muslims and Hindus alike. A sacred shrine in Ajmer, Dargah Sharif is visited by millions of devotees every year from all over the world. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti lay in peace here, listening to people’s wishes and fulfilling them. The Dargah for many reasons captivates one’s heart; there is certainly something that is magical about this place that people from different faith come and worship here. Although the shrine is always crowded, the best time to visit Ajmer Sharif is during the Urs festival. The place comes to life during this festival that is held annually. Ajmer is also the base for visiting Pushkar, the abode of Lord Brahma which is 14 km away. This place is also a must visit for those having a liking for old ramparts and gateways.

4). VARANASI, Uttar Pradesh


”Older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, And looks twice as old as all of them put together”-Mark Twain.
Varanasi, the cultural capital of India is a city on the Banks of River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, which is commonly known as Benares and Kashi. It is also considered to be one of the most spiritual places in India, and a sight to behold. It is another of the seven sacred Hindu cities with a very old history. Known as the city of Lord Shiva, the god of creation and destruction, it’s believed that anyone who dies here will be liberated from the cycle of reincarnation. The fascinating thing about this mystical city is that its rituals are revealed openly along the many riverside ghats. It’s an intense city that attracts Hindu pilgrims and foreigners alike in large numbers. Vishwanath Temple, Bharat Mata Temple and Tulsi Manas Temple are the prime charms of this place. Overall a magical place, Varanasi is bound to give you a spiritual high!

5). MATHURA & VRINDAVAN, Uttar Pradesh

The birthplace of the Hindu God Krishna, hotels in Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh can rightly be called a blessed land. Today, the town is dotted with a large number of temples including the Krishna Janbhoomi Temple that is thronged by a large number of devotees all through the year. However, Janmashtami is one festival during which this small town becomes overcrowded yet full of colours and happiness all around.


Vrindavan is a quaint township in the district of Mathura. This divine playground of Krishna boasts about innumerable flashes from the historical pages. Vrindavan offers a journey back in time when Bal Gopal became Kanha and then finally Lord Krishna. Each meandering alley has traces of holiness and is blessed with small and big temples that are dedicated to Lord Radha and Krishna. As sweet as the ‘Peda’ of Mathura is to the tongue, so is the ‘Radhe Radhe’ of Vrindavan to the ears. Inarguably it is one of the popular pilgrimage destinations in North India. Some sacred places in Vrindavan include Banke Bihari Temple, Prem Mandir, The Sacred Lake Kusum Sarovar, Iskon Temple, Keshi Ghat and Nidhivan among several others.

6). HARIDWAR & RISHIKESH, Uttarakhand

Haridwar located in the foothills of Himalayas is an eternal spiritual destination which is also one among the seven holiest places in India.This holy place which is rich in religious and cultural heritage is said to have been blessed by three Hindu Gods, namely Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma and so this sacred town offers a great peace of mind. Watching the flickering Diyas floating on the sparkling river along with the energetic Ganga Aarti in the evening gives one the feel of true purification of the soul. The Kumbh Mela, which happens once in every 12 years attracts millions to the city; nonetheless, the city remains crowded with devotees all year round. Har Ki Pauri, Mansa Devi, Daksha Mahadev Temple, Sapt Rishi and Maya Devi are some of the prominent pilgrim attractions of this place.


Rishikesh is a small town in Uttarakhand, which is located amidst scenic beautiful hills and the pious river Ganga flows beneath the dense green forests. With the innumerable Hindu temples and the heavy settlement of yoga centers, in Rishikesh divinity has been redefined. Preserving the ancient Hindu practice called Yoga, Rishikesh opens a door to a different level of spirituality in India. One can praise nature in its truest forms and take a chance to lose himself in it, at this place. Tourists from countries all over the world can be found at the various ‘ashrams’ along the banks of the river, who come for meditation. Some of the major attractions of this place are – Tapovan, Lakshmana Jhula, Mahadeo Temple, Triveni Ghat, Swarga Ashram and Vasishtha Goofa.

In addition to the religious significance,both the cities have a rich history and mythology associated with them.

7). SHIRDI, Maharashtra


There are several pilgrimages within India which are quite distinguished for the legends attached to them. Shirdi is one such town which is considered to be an ideal pilgrimage, not just for Hindus but for people of all religions. Shirdi in Maharashtra is the gateway to sheer spirituality. It is one of the holiest pilgrimages in the country and is the home of Sai Baba, the foremost sacred saint of India. All his life the highly revered Sai Baba preached about One God (Sab Ka Maalik Ek) and thus earned himself many followers. It is said that those who even set foot on the sacred earth of Shirdi, can feel a certain divine energy, as the place is blessed by Sai Baba eternally. Today, his native place, Shirdi is thronged by multitude of devotees irrespective of religion, color or creed- seeking peace, spirituality and paying homage to this great saint. The pilgrimage to Shirdi has many sacred religious attractions like the Gurusthan, Dwarkamai, Chavadi, Samadhi Mandir, the Lendi garden and the residences of Sai Baba.

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