LaDaKh…. through my eyes…!!

November 22, 2016

LaDaKh…. through my eyes…!!

They say it’s when you experience the true beauty of nature, when you feel the purification of mind, heart and soul. Trip to Ladakh is indeed one such awesome experience, where you can feel the same, every single time you breathe while being among this incredible lap of nature. hotels in Agra, ‘the Land of High Passes,’ is a beautiful region in Jammu and Kashmir. Snow capped peaks, clear blue skies, barren mountains with meandering rivers, Ladakh is picturesque! It’s not only known for its scenic beauty but also for some of the most difficult treks. Bike lovers enjoy this trail of rugged mountains. Nature lovers can’t have enough of Ladakh. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on planet which will leave you spellbound!

Can’t stop smiling which comes straight from the heart as I am reliving my trip while sharing it with you all 🙂 . One last line before I start elaborating my trip further- ‘If you miss on visiting this place at least once in your lifetime you are really missing on adding an awesome chapter of memories to be cherished forever, to the book of your life’ 🙂 LADAKH- A must visit place!! 

Well I planned to visit Ladakh for a week with my friends and cousins in the month of August. Although Ladakh is open for tourist throughout the year, while the best period for tour and trek is from June to October. At this time Ladakh is an unparalleled paradise with clear, stunning views and warm and sunny weather. However anyone visiting Ladakh even in the middle of summer, should be prepared for the sharp drop in temperature at night.

DAY 1:


ladhak-pics-redo6A Cute Girl from LEH

We took a flight from New Delhi, India to Leh which took almost an hour and we were there at the very small and sweet airport of Leh, where we had cars from Indian army waiting for us to take us to a small village in Ladakh named ‘Karu’. Luckily my uncle was then posted as a commanding officer being a colonel in Indian army (which was really really fortunate!), although hotels and conveyance is easily available at Leh for the tourists.

Acclimatization being one of the most important factors when we are reaching at such high altitude and temperature in a very short span of an hour, we were advised to rest for the day so that we can be adjusted to the climate and atmosphere at such high altitude as shortage of oxygen creates a little uneasiness otherwise. So, we chilled, relaxed, sat beside a river across our home, had barbeque & bonfire organised at night and had a lot of fun together, while enjoying the beautiful scenic beauty of mountains and lakes which were visible so near from our place.

DAY 2:



Next day we were all set to start up our trip of fun, adventure and scenic beauty so we packed our bags and started on our bullet bikes which we booked in advance for our planned destination – the NIMU VALLEY which marks the confluence of INDUS and ZANSKAR rivers. As we reached there after seeing the tremendous scenic beauty of nature on our way and breathing the air which felt so serene. The sight of the confluence was a spectacular example of nature’s amazing canvas. And what can be better than mixing the beauty with some adventure! Yes, we went for river rafting in that river, which is one of the longest and adventurous rafting in India.

Being a planned adventurous day we didn’t wanted to miss mountain climbing and rappelling, which was a superb experience. I personally believe, we need to get off all our fears to be able to breathe freely and feel alive in a true sense. Climbing on the mountains as high and waving our hands while touching the clouds, was an experience which can leave anyone in awe, seeing the nature’s picturesque beauty. It actually made me feel like a powerful princess in her fairy tales among the fluffy clouds!

DAY 3:




ladhak-pics-redo3On day 3, again with our bags packed, we started to visit the most spectacular and incredible creation of gift to mankind from God- PANGONG TSO, which is unarguably the most popular place of tourist interest – thanks to it being used as a shooting location in several Bollywood movies – Pangong Tso Lake tops the list of things to do and places to visit in Leh Ladakh. Located at an altitude of 14,270 feet (4,350 meters), Pangong Tso is the largest brackish lake in Asia with 60% of it falling in China.

Reaching their almost took half of the day and their came a sight where we could see a beautiful aqua blue water body sneaking from between the huge mountains and as we went closer, we were just speechless seeing the true masterpiece of God’s creation.  We stayed overnight in camps (which are needed to be booked in advance, if you plan to stay overnight) beside the awe inspiring lake, weather being very pleasantly cold. The experience of watching the calm & quiet dawn with birds adding to some twinkling chirping sound as a morning alarm call was really soothing to the ears. Before I could open my eyes completely, the light of sun rising from among the mountains, struck my eye with a thin ray. I then realized it came out as a gift for me from God to make it a perfect scenery. I decided to make it more perfect by adding a coffee mug in my hand. Couldn’t ask for a perfect morning than this..!

DAY 4:



ladhak-pics-redo11After experiencing the beauty of Pangong Tso, it was time to add a picture of pride to my album, on making it to the highest mountain pass. So, with all the energy and excitement we headed for another adventure towards the highest motorable pass in the world, Khardung La top, which is at an altitude of 17,582 feet (5,602 meters). Khardung La connects Leh to strategically important Siachen Glacier. Due to it being dubbed the highest ride, travelers take it as a challenge to ride to the top of this pass on motorcycle, four wheels and even sports bicycles. The canteen here and a souvenir shop also flaunt the fact that they are the highest canteen and souvenir shop in the world respectively! 😉 And we also didn’t missed the chance to raise our flags with pride after having the achievement of reaching this place.

It was fun journey being their on bullet bikes as the journey to any place in Ladakh is in itself a treat of nature’s endless beauty and adventure. We then came down to the lower altitude of around 14,000 feet to have a comfortable night in camps booked few kms away from the beautiful river ‘Tso moriri’.

DAY 5:


On the next day of our trip, our destination was the beautiful TSO MORIRI, located in scenic Rupshu Valley at an altitude of 14,836 feet (4,522 meters), it is one of the most spectacular, serene and secluded lakes in India. The calm azure water, seclusion & tranquility as well as lush vegetation found around lakes gives Tso Moriri a very distinctive romantic appeal and makes it one of the top things to see in Leh Ladakh. Just standing their quiet and feeling our own breaths, gives such a divine feeling of filling our eyes with the immense beauty and our souls with the divine purity. It truly feels like capturing it all in our hearts through our eyes, so as to take it all with us on our way back home. Seeing such awesome places, you just can’t stop to remind yourself for being the most grateful to God, as there can be no other power as divine as him.

ladhak-pics-redo4Without delaying to thank God for all his wonderful creations, on our way back to ‘Karu’ we visited the great PATHHAR SAHEB GURUDWARA which is situated on the Srinagar-Leh Road, 25 kms before the Leh. It is a very renowned, beautiful and pious holy place which holds a lot of religious value. It was created in the memory of the founder of Sikh religion and the first guru, Guru Nanak Dev ji. After the wonderful darshan, we then headed towards Karu in Leh (where we stayed), putting an end to a day filled with beauty and spirituality on a peaceful note.

DAY 6: 



ladhak-pics-redo8On day 6 we decided to cover the rest places left, as it was our last day at Leh. We headed to see the marvelous Shantistupa which is a temple of Buddhist monks and as the name suggests ‘shanti’ which means peace in English, the place has magical peaceful vibes in and around it, and as it is situated at a height on the mountains, it really feels being in a place among the clouds. I can bet that no other place in India offers such a magnificent sight of clouds in the sky at half place being blue, offering the sight of the day and as you turn your heads to the other side, you experience evening as the clouds are orangish brown. It’s purely a magical experience seeing such magnificent example of nature’s beauty. 

After having a wonderful experience at Shanti Stupa, it was time to head towards another place- Thicksay monastery which is considered one of the biggest Buddhist monasteries in Leh, with architecture so ancient and unique in its own way. The chanting of Buddhist’s mantras in the monastery, is purely a divine treat for the soul.

ladhak-pics-redo2It is rightly said that no matter however tired a girl is, she is always ready for SHOPPING! 🙂 We got souvenirs and gifts for our family and loved ones, so as to cherish the memory of this place forever…So we headed towards our last destination- Leh market which is famous for the things from Tibetan as well as Buddhist culture such as jewellery made of semi precious stones, pashmina shawls, antique pieces of home decoration, traditional dresses and many more interesting things. Our shopping spree was then followed by the traditional dinner of Buddhists culture. A soup called ‘thuppa’ is a must try for foodies who love to experiment with food.

ladhak-pics-redo7With this beautiful day, our beautiful journey came to an end. The dinner of that night brought so many mixed emotions with it. We were happy for having the pleasure of making such awesome memories which we are going to cherish for lifetime. On the other hand, we felt a little sad for leaving such a beautiful place which gave us so much to remember. But what more to ask for, when the memories have our best of friends in them. We together made a promise to Ladakh to come back here again.

DAY 7:

We had our returning flight from Leh airport to New Delhi on the morning of day 7.  We finally packed our bags and headed towards Leh airport calling our most beautiful journey to an end. At the same time taking along with us, a priceless treasure of memories in our heart and soul.ladhak-pics-redo1

      It’s a privilege being a part of HotelBids and sharing my most treasured trip with all the readers, fans and followers of this organization. This opportunity truly gave me the pleasure to relive one of the most awesome memories of my life. HotelBids has currently acquired 3500+ hotels in over 70+ cities in India & Ladakh will be added to our list of hotels very soon. Just name the place and bid your price. HotelBids will get you the best of hotels, at the price you choose to pay! We also promise to make your tour experience the most memorable. Let’s travel, explore, make memories, as we get only one life to live. Why not take a heaven of beautiful memories in our hearts before we close our eyes to the heaven forever.

Meenal Wahi

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