HotelBids retreat weekend into the green beauty of Chail

July 20, 2017

HotelBids retreat weekend into the green beauty of Chail

From starting of this summer, we at HotelBids team were planning a weekend trip to some cool place. So, finally, this month team came out with a plan of visiting either Rajasthan or Himachal. The whole team voted for Himachal Pradesh so the plan got final for some Himachali destination. To escape from hot Delhi summer, the team decided to make it for Chail last weekend. The team needed a peaceful weekend to brush off our daily stress and this could be the best place for that. Our trip was sponsored by HotelBids which was the bonus point of this trip. We started from Gurgaon on a late Friday night on 14th July via a traveler van.


On our way to the Chail, we were soaking every bit of the journey with music and laugh throughout the night. However, at very late at night around 3-4am, we finally slept at our seats. In the morning we opened our eyes in the lap of Himachali hills. We stopped at a resort near Kasauli to have our breakfast. The resort was beautifully blessed by nature where we had our first meal together.

Soon after our meal, we started for Chail along with playing antakshari on our way. At some point, the driver informed that we came near Shimla accidentally leaving Chail behind. This was the deciding time to choose between going to Chail and moving towards Shimla. However, after a short discussion, we vote it for Chail and the van started again. Every moment of the way through has lush greenery of Deodar trees and wild beauty. From Gurgaon, its 372.6 km away and takes 8hrs to reach there by bus. But due to our adventures confusion, we reached there by 2 pm.

HotelBids in Chail

We drop down 1km away from the market area of Chail where we checked in to a hotel. Being HB team, we had our accommodation pre-booked with a comfy hotel. The view from the hotel was even enchanting with the darkness of long deodar trees. We checked into our hotel and after freshening up we came out to find some food in the local market. The market shops have Indian and Indo-Chinese food options to choose from.

The short explore time on the first day

After re-filing ourselves, we went for a walk through the jungle roads. We felt like passing through the green beauty that we have seen before in the photographs. In there we saw wild flowers adding an extra bit of beauty to the jungle path. We made the walk for over an hour through the jungle path and ended up just before the market. The market area was really small but it had options for all necessary stuff.

Chail People Life

Being in a small place, we also had the opportunity to take a glimpse of the local life. We found two types of houses there, one was cottage style houses and other was double-storied small houses. The double storied houses had small shops on the ground floor and the home on the first floor. I noticed that in most of those houses, the owner stays at first floor and runs a shop on the ground floor. To the blessing of nature, those small houses were also looking beautiful with their own natural beauty.

The team-bonding time:

HotelBids Team Bond

At night we all were enthusiastic to celebrate our weekend vacation together. We had music system with us so we decided to enjoy the night with various activities. We danced together, we laughed together, and we sang together and also played cards together. To our enthusiasm and happiness, we awake all the night creating a strong bond between us. This was the real HB team bonding memories we got from this trip.

The Chail Palace

The Chail Palace way

The next day, we decided to explore the Chail Palace, the summer house of Maharaja of Patiala. If you remember the 3 Idiots movie, this palace was Ranchoddas’ house. The palace area is over 72 acres and has historical significance too. The palace was built by the Maharaja of Patiala after Lord Viceroi banned him from entering in Shimla. The entire area of the palace area has nature’s blessings of immense beauty and green landscapes. The palace is well maintained as now it is a hotel cum tourist spot. As we were not residency guests of that hotel, we had limitations to explore only the ground floor of the palace. However, all the historic materials were on the ground floor only for tourist show.

Chail Palace, HotelBids

The main corridor of the palace will give you the feeling of royal touch with its antique interiors. The first room of the palace was sitting room followed by visitors lobby, dining room, and royal bar. All these rooms depict the royal art in every part of their interior designs. A number of big mirrors and royal furniture were there to give visitors the taste of royalty. Each piece of the interior left me enchanted with the feeling of a lavish royal life that kings used to have.

Maharaja Palace

The Palace was our last stop in Chail and after that, we boarded back into our traveler to come back to Gurgaon. To add extra benefits to our trip, we stopped at an on-road point to soak some more natural beauty before leaving the place. That one hour at that point was even calming and enchanting with the view of overlapping hills. Finally, we said bye to Chail & Himachal Pradesh with a joyful heart and left from there to join our regular life.

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