Some Unbelievable Facts about Amarnath

July 14, 2017

Some Unbelievable Facts about Amarnath

Amarnath Cave holds a place of great importance in the Hindu religious beliefs. This place is the holy shrine of Hindu god Shiva. Every year thousands of devotees go to this place in the month of Shravan. According to Hindu beliefs, completing this journey make human birth successful. The journey from Pahalgam to this cave is equally beautiful and enchanting. But the journey is also very perilous as the altitude of this cave is very high. However, this cave also has some interesting mythological facts that attract a large number of devotees every year.

1. The secret of immortality

According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva had chosen this cave to explain the secret of immortality to his consort Devi Parvati. Read the story below in 4th point.

2. Re-discovery of this cave

Amarnath Cave

This cave was later discovered by a Muslim shepherd Buta Malik. as per this story, Buta Malik met a saint near this cave who gave him a bag of coal. After returning to home, he found gold instead of coal in that bag. He went back to the place to thank that saint and found the shrine of Amarnath.

3. The importance of various stops of this journey:

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva started his journey from Pahalgam. In here he left his bull Nandi. Then in Chandanwari, he left the moon from his forehead. In Sheshnag he left his snakes. He left his son Lord Ganesha at Mahaguna hills. Then he left five essential elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky at Panjtarni. After leaving all his belonging at these different spots, he went to the cave only with his consort Devi Parvati.

4. The immortal pigeon pair:

Pigeon Pair, Amarnath

When Lord Shiva was telling the secret of immortality to his consort no living beings were there in the cave. Lord Shiva destroyed all the living things around before telling the secret of immortality. Only a pair of pigeon egg and a parrot egg was there and as they were not living or dead, he spares them. However, a Sage Vasudeva somehow came to know that Shiva is going to tell the secret. To know that secret, he entered into the parrot egg. While Lord Shiva was telling the secret mantra, Devi Parvati fall asleep but Shiva could not notice it. The pigeon eggs were hatched during that time and were making noise and he thought that Devi Parvati is making that noise. When he finished telling the secrets, he saw that Parvati is sleeping and the newborn pigeon and Sage Vasudeva learned the secret. He then ran after Vasudeva to kill him but other gods remind him that Vasudeva is now immortal. By that time Vasudeva was hiding inside at pregnant womb. After all gods’ prayer when Shiva cooled down, he came out of the womb and left for his heavenly adobe. The pair born from the pigeon’s egg becomes immortal as well. The pair can be still seen in that cave.

5. The Swayambhu Shiv Linga:

Swayambhu shiv linga, Amarnath

The ice linga inside the cave forms automatically with the lunar cycle and this is “Swayambhu” process. Hindus believe that this is a miracle of Lord Shiva only. The cave is 5000 years old and it also has another two lingas. These two lingas represent Devi Parvati and Lord Ganesha.

6. The Chari:

The holy Yatra of Amarnath starts from Chari. Chari is the name of Lord Shiva’s mace which starts from Amritsar.  Sikh Guru Arjun Dev has given away this place for yatra purpose.

Irrespective of such a dangerous journey, every year thousands of devotees from every age group take part in this. People also start their journey from Baltal, a new route. In the way through the cave, the Amarnath Yatra management committee takes all responsibilities of civic amenities to the yatris. The committee also arranges langar and food stations at various places of the route to provide food to the yatris. This year, Amarnath Yatra started from 29th June and will end by 7th August.

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