HotelBids FAQs

Answers to some Common ( & Uncommon) questions about HotelBids.

HotelBids is not a display site where different hotels publish their rates. No, not at all! We at HB offer a platform, where you DECIDE how much you want to pay. We have a network of partner hotels with access to guest offers and a strong desire for full occupancy! The offers and acceptance of offers stays discreet, which means the price set and agreed to, stays privy only to the guest and the Hotel.

Yes! HotelBids App and Services are totally FREE!

Download app on your mobile, “Refer a friend” using HotelBids app and you will automatically enter in to this contest. We draw every month and will notify the winners.

Once you have received few acceptances from the hotels, you select the best hotel at your price based on hotel’s reviews, location and pictures, also provided at HB.

Hard to mention just 2 but here they are…
1. You stay at Quality hotels at Price, decided by you and agreed to by the Hotel .
2. You do not have to go to a dozens site to book a room.

India off course! We Love India! HB will be launched next in the US & Dubai.

We’re afraid, there will be no refund if a reservation is cancelled within 24 hours. Our Partner hotels are blocking rooms for you against other offers. Cancellation ends up having empty rooms…just not fair on them. For further details call our customer care, they will be happy to help. To know more please review our Cancellation policy

This could happen if you set too low a price! No issues… If so, you may want to increase the price. The solution mentioned in the next answer works every time!

We’ve made it easy for you! To avoid this situation you can set your preferences on an incremental quote! For example, Set preference to “Increase my price by Rs.50/- after every 4 hours” if I do not get any offer. ( This preference is hidden from Hotels). Also you can cap your maximum price so the incremental does not go above that. You can also set duration for which your request stays active. It works every time!

Yes!!! You do. This is just like having a great experience and getting paid for it too! Every time you review a hotel you’ve stayed at, or refer HB to your family and friends, or rebook your rooms through HB, you earn reward points which can be redeemed later. Things at HB are great!

Yes!! You can! Just request the rooms for the dates you want at the price you want and you’re done!

YES! You can! HB App is the best booking engine to negotiate the best rates for bulk rooms!
What this means is that you negotiate with multiple properties with just one offer at the same time.

Yes, you can! We love how most of our answers fall in the “Yes” category! Like we said at HB the you come FIRST!

Highly unlikely! After talking to thousands of hotels, we have found that hotels will sell their last empty room at highly discounted rate. Sometimes up to 70% Discount. But since the rates you set can be ANYTHING and anything, we can not guarantee an offer’s acceptance. We’re sure you can understand! (Most of the times such happens due to prank offers).

HB is the best Platform for travel agents to get best rates for their customers. We want win-win situation for everyone! Happy Business!!

Yes, You can!!! Our friendly assistance awaits your call,

at following numbers

10am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday

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