Top Spellbinding Ways to Explore Jaipur

January 19, 2017

Top Spellbinding Ways to Explore Jaipur

Explore the Pink City : Jaipur- A Perfect Date with the Bygone Era!

If you love palaces of the Kings and crave to have an insight on the lifestyle of the rulers of the bygone era. If you are passionate about the forts and marvelous architecture that flaunt the expertise of the artisans of the past. If camel safaris and the bird eyed view of forts and palaces from a colorful hot air balloon attracts you.  Then Jaipur is the place you truly need to explore and experience!

A city known for its vibrant colors, narrow streets bustling with life and to top it all, the city’s historic monuments. It all boast of its glorious past, chivalry and courage of Rajput kings – welcome to the historic city of ‘Jaipur’. Also known as the ‘Pink City’ owing to its buildings and structures built in pink sandstone. The charisma of this cultural city of India continues to attract travelers, history buffs and researchers from different corners of the world.

HotelBids (Online room auction sites in India) is here to uncover some of the city’s best places and share with you the best ways to explore the royal corridors of this pink city. As the way this city offers a perfect blend of old world charm and new world vibrancy is purely a magical experience in its own!


Getting to Jaipur is quite convenient as the city is well connected with rail, air and road transportation facilities.

  • Trains routes are well connected to all the major cities of the country.
  • Buses are the most conveniently available option to get to Jaipur as there are  volvos, state buses and deluxe buses that run frequently to and from Jaipur. These operate from Delhi, Vadodara, Ajmer, Udaipur, Kota and Ahmedabad at regular intervals.  
  • There are regular flights from metropolitan cities to Jaipur and vice versa. Sanganer Airport is the nearest airport which lies 10 km away from the city centre.


1). Amer Fort & Palace : An Epitome of Fascinating Artistic Brilliance!

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Located among the picturesque Aravalli Hills, at a distance of 11 km. from Jaipur. The ‘Amer Fort’ is one of the most impressive forts of Rajasthan and is visited by a huge number of tourists every year. Overlooking the beautiful Maota Lake, the fort is an exquisite masterpiece of the Rajputana architecture. Built by Raja Man Singh I in 16th century, the fort is a brilliant example which boasts of a unique blend of Hindu and Rajput elements. The ornamented pillars and delicate mosaic work of the ‘Diwan-e-Khaas’ is intricate. The ivory and sandalwood work of the ‘Sukh Niwas’ is splendid. The latticed work of the ‘Ganesh Pol’ is just fascinating. And the work of glass in the ‘Sheesh Mahal’ – Amer Fort is incomparable. The artistic skills of the artisans and designers of the Rajput era are just to praise for endlessly. Besides the artistic brilliance, the fort also offers you breath-taking views of the surrounding hills and towns. Many famous Bollywood movies such as ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, ‘Jodha Akbar’ and ‘Veer’ have been shot at this enchanting magnificient fort. A tourist guide is a adviced to get an in-depth knowledge of the fort’s minutest details. A visit to the ‘Amer Fort’ is incomplete without an elephant ride that is a unique experience in itself. Make sure to reach the fort early in the morning as the rides are available only in mornings to protect these creatures from harsh sunlight during the noon time.

2). Fusion of Rajput and Mughal Architecture:  The City Palace

The ‘City Palace’ is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Jaipur, located in the heart of the city. Dating back to the 19th century, the palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. It showcases a unique combination of Rajput, Mughal and European styles of architecture with an array of courtyards, gardens and special structures built inside the palace complex.

The City Palace, Jaipur

This City Palace gives you a deep insight into the excellent architectural skills of the designers and engineers of the bygone era. Many parts of the palace complex except the ‘Chandra Mahal’, have today been transformed into art galleries and museums. It displays the antique collection of armours, costumes, carriages and memorabilia belonging to the erstwhile Maharajas and Maharanis.

The royal family of Jaipur still resides in the ‘Chandra Mahal’ inside the palace complex. One of the major attractions inside the palace complex are the four gateways each designed in a unique way symbolizing the four seasons. The beauty of these gates with unique carvings and floral designs is a visual treat to the eyes of visitors. A visit to this palace is a must during the Jaipur trip to catch a glimpse of the royal lifestyle of the bygone era.

3). Palace of the Winds: Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

One of the most remarkable landmarks of the pink city, ‘Hawa Mahal’ is located quiet near to the ‘City Palace’. Built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1798, Hawa Mahal is a five-storey extension in the form of a honeycomb as a treat for the royal ladies in the past. This unique building has 953 small windows, called ‘jharokhas’, decorated with intricate lattice work. The entire place represents the crown of the Hindu God, Lord Krishna.  Even though this palace was built during ancient times, it reflects the scientific vision of Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in a distinct way.

The windows of this palace have been designed in such a way that good ventilation always persists inside the palace. Due to this reason, Hawa Mahal was the favourite summer holiday destination of the Rajputs, and is today a popular tourist place to visit in Jaipur. Another important purpose of this palace was to prevent outsiders from catching a glimpse of the royal women. This incredible lattice of windows were designed in a way that it allowed clear view of the outside world to the insiders. Yet restricted outsiders from being able to stare inside the palace. When visiting this monument, make sure to go up to the topmost floor. The Panoramic view of the Jaipur city from the top is just beautiful. It has he ‘City Palace’ at one end and ‘Siredeori Bazaar’ at the other end.

4). Jal Mahal : The Water Palace

Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Also known as the ‘Water Palace’, ‘Jal Mahal’ is situated in the heart of the ‘Man Sagar Lake’. Guarded by the majestic Nahargarh Hills, this palace is also a fusion of Mughal and Rajput styles of architecture. Built in red sandstone, Jal Mahal is a five-storey building, out of which four storeys remain underwater when the lake is filled. This, in turn, offers a breathtaking view of the palace and makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jaipur. It is originally, believed to be built by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh, almost 300 years back. He built it as a lodge for his duck hunting parties. The palace was renovated by his son later on to beautify its exteriors with courtyards and gardens in a Mughal style.

Tourists can book boat rides to visit the palace; only the terrace garden is allowed access by the visitors. Stunning views of the hills adorned with forts and temples, from the terrace of the palace leaves you mesmerized in awe of its beauty. If you have a keen interest in bird watching, the palace gives you ample opportunities to spot flamingos and various other migratory birds. The evening sight, when the palace gets illuminated with thousands of flood lights reflecting on the waters of the lake, really captivates your hearts and souls.

5). Chokhi Dhani : Showcasing the True Essence of Rajasthani Culture!

Chowki Dhani, Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani is about 25 km away from jaipur. It is a spot offering typical feel of the true rajasthani culture, wherein people skilled in different creative activities entertain the guests within a cultural theme. The electrifying ambiance of this village resort hosts many puppet shows, magic shows, rajasthani folk performances, acrobatics, camel rides, elephant rides, boating, tarot card reading, bowling and much more for entertainment. One of the most important things to indulge within this ethnic village set up are the mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisines at the open air restaurant. Variety of food options are available to experiment and taste the typical rajasthani food, which is a real treat for the foodies. This experience also provides a perfect break from the city life where one can enjoy the natural surroundings and rustic rural life.

6). A Book Lover’s Delight : Jaipur Literature Festival

Literature Festival, Jaipur

The Jaipur Literature Festival is to connect with writers you’ve been reading and admiring  over the years at close quarters. After having some stirred up controversies with writers like Salman Rushdie and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, this festival is known to make news every year. The venue of this hotel, The Grand Diggi Palace Hotel transforms into a carnival of writers, journalists, publishers, celebrities and socialites under the same roof. The Jaipur Literature Festival boasts of some of the finest Indian and international writers. They add to the grace the festival, as it promises to be an eclectic gathering of some of the finest minds from across the world. This is one of the most popular things to do in Jaipur where soothing Sufi melodies provide the perfect backdrop for literary readings and discussions.

7). Jaipur Shopping Festival : A Treat for Shopaholics!

Shopping Festival, Jaipur

Jaipur Shopping Festival is a real treat for shopaholics. It has stalls and shops which sell different varieties of traditional goods. A creative backdrop of music and theatre events adds to the beauty. It also acts as a platform for bringing the business associations of the city together and promotes the culture and spirit of the pink city. Each year this one of its kind festival takes place in the months of September and October. This mega shopping fest is a great opportunity for big and small entrepreneurs. They flaunt their best items at this place. The main idea behind this fest is to promote trade along with culture.  It also focuses on the traditional art and craft of the state and also works to unite varied business houses and associations. Being one of the most popular shopping festivals in Rajasthan, it is celebrated with a great pomp and show. This festival also hosts a number of interesting competitions and events .

Johari Bazar and MI Road are also among the key tourist places for shopping in Jaipur. These are famous for its amazing collection of precious gemstones, jewellery, traditional clothes and a lot more.

8). Experience to Remember for Life : Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Hot Air Balloon, Jaipur

It feels great to fly over the Pink City in a hot air balloon and experiencing the mesmerizing views of the forts and palaces nestled among the Aravalli ranges. There is nothing quite like enjoying a huge plethora of colors, sounds and sights of this city from up above. One gets to experience the absolute peace of immense vistas, muted colors, crisp fresh air. The balloons floats you silently above it all in a serene way . Snacks and beverages awaits you after you land and adds to the buzz you will get from the early morning air. You will be mesmerised to experience the sights and sounds that only an eagle ever sees! These rides are popular things to do in Jaipur in one day. These are mostly held two hours before sunrise and sunset. Most of the hot air balloon rides accommodate up to around 8 people and start from the Amber Fort. Set yourself free and just enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the city below.  Explore Jaipur like you haven’t done ever before!

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