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$7 FEE*
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Seven Dollar Flat Booking Fee

Your customers look for value when they book accommodation. What they often don't know is that you pay 15% or more to online travel agents for each booking. At HotelBids, we offer a new approach and a guaranteed fixed Booking Fee of just $7. No tricks and no rising costs, just a fairer way to do business.

About HotelBids was created to fill empty rooms for hoteliers. The guest sees the online rate and submits a bid for the most they would pay. The hotelier can either accept or decline the bids. It is completely up to the hotelier.

Only a $7 flat fee, just enough to cover marketing, programming and development in order to update and add new features.

Millions of rooms go unsold everynight

Customers compare hotels, pictures, and prices.
They have the ability to make an offer to the hotel directly.
The hotel gets to decide to accept, decline, or counter. (This eliminates rate priority, because no bids will be public)
Hotels can fill empty rooms now!
Direct Bookings - no third party involved.
Increase your sales revenue.

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We invite you to work with us, not because you have to, but because we offer you an opportunity for far greater revenue than other OTAs. Let's work together to create a win for the hotels and a win for the customers allowing both sides to save money by doing business a new way.